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RHG Pledge

We believe thriving businesses are built on thriving communities.


We See, Hear and Commit

Unlimited Possibilities

At RHG “We see, hear and commit” is our call to action around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We are laser-focused on taking impactful actions that create opportunities for all, both within our workplaces around the globe and outside of them, extending into the many communities we serve. From our internal strategies, initiatives, and policies; to the voices we amplify on our platforms; and the organizations we invest in and partner with, we take actions across our company to drive greater opportunity and fairness around the world.

The Bigger Picture

RHG unequivocally embraces the business and societal imperative to have a diverse and inclusive organization. We bring the same commitment to reducing energy and materials waste across our company, in addition to the environmental benefits promoted by our digital-first businesses. RHG employees and board members are charged with conducting the Company’s business in accordance with the law and the highest ethical standards.


Team members


Different nationalities

We are committed to diligently managing RHG’s affairs consistent with the highest principles of business ethics.

RHG’s governance, data security and supplier practices prioritize access to information, a rigorously upheld code of business ethics and conduct by our board and employees, and relationships with vendors and partners who share our values.