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A company built to empower the individual.

Rochut Group (RHG) is a leading Internet information and services company consisting of a portfolio of brands including Aonap Hosting, Lytii and Volance and What To Expect in its Digital Media business and Unoboss and ZipCMS and Justroo in its IT Marketplace business. RHG connects a lot of people to its brands per month with every customer treated as a VIP; back by friendly support.


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We see and celebrate innovation and creativity in every employee, customer and partner we work with. We try stuff and we capitalize.

CEO & Founder at RHG

We drive ingenuity. We create experiences.

RHG started in 2018 by changing not just how people connected to the Internet but also who could get online. We continue to push for change at every level of the Internet.


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Made with Love in London

We are a mix of people working together to solve problems big and small. Together, we’re stronger, smarter and better. We beats me. If you love the Internet and you want to contribute rather than just consume, we should talk.