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Our roots lie in large scale online solutions and it is an area we are still involved in today. We have always believed in investing in people over products. Our team get behind people with great ideas. While investments away from technology have come and gone over the years, the core focus on technology has never changed.

Business Services
We’re home to some of the most vibrant and exciting lifestyle brands from home entertainment, gaming and gadgets, to stylish home décor and gifts.
Internet Services
Technology, Gaming, and Shopping. RHG delivers advertising, performance marketing, data services and licensing solutions to thousands of clients worldwide.
We create high-quality, original content that’s customized for their business and served directly to their website through our proven platform.

Our brands connect to people, and people connect to RHG brands.


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Thinking Outside The Cloud

Looking forward, we will continue to expand our already diverse portfolio of companies and investments with the primary focus being technology, partner with RHG to get your ideas empowered by our brands.

We drive ingenuity. We create experiences.

Since then RHG has expanded and is now proud to offer various different products and services including business gifts and refurbished laptops.

We’re building things for people, not for machines. We choose simplicity over complexity every time.
We see and celebrate innovation and creativity in every employee, customer and partner we work with. We try stuff and we capitalize.
RHG Careers
Get empowered with our group.